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I started my life of photography when I was sixteen in a highschool photography elective.  I actually did the elective twice which was technically a no-no, but there was a glitch in the system and lucky me had another year of photography.

I had the advantage of being able to use my parents awesome Olypmus OM-1, which to this day, still wins out over other cameras for it’s durability and reliability.  I used to photograph all the school events, from the sports field to the music concerts and when the teachers couldn’t find me, they knew that I wasn’t skipping class, but it in the darkroom.

I spent a year doing volunteer work in Africa after uni and probably spent half the time experiencing the people and the landscape through the lens.  A year in America taught me that Australia was home and I’ve been developing here as a photographer ever since.

I love to photograph people, especially trying to make normal everyday people comfortable in front of my camera and trying to capture their smiles and laughter.

I think I had the great advantage of being a child of the 80′s.  I had the best of both analog and digital worlds, learning in the old world and discovering in the new.  Though I shoot mostly digital today, I can’t bring myself to fully retire the film cameras, and they sit there as a reminder of a girl who only ever wanted to be a photographer.

Rachael Dere


Client Testimonials


We organise large group events and conferences for clients and often require these events to be photographed. These events, often for 300+ people, are high energy and interactive so it’s important that photographers are able to capture the moments. We then use these images for post event communication. The standard of Rachael’s photography is superb. She is able to really tap into the essence of what we are trying to do, and engage the subjects in a relaxed manner. The end result is high quality images that we can very easily use in on-going communication. I would highly recommend Rachael if you are considering a photographer for your event….

Leah Fisher – Operations Director ON-Brand Partners


Rachael is great to work with and always provides creative ideas that make her photographic work stand out from the crowd.   She is very personable and easily communicates with everyone from CEO’s and executives to Board members and staff. This makes a huge difference to the photographic outcome as she is able to capture real smiles from relaxed and happy models. Rachael is also very technically savvy and is able to achieve high quality outcomes in challenging conditions and environments….

Jen Kirk - Marketing Media Design Consultant at Superpartners


Rachael has a great eye for capturing the ultimate image and being highly personable interacts well with our clients to set the scene that best reflects the design intent of our projects……

Justin Littlefield - Partner at Clarke Hopkins Clarke Architects


I’ve hired Rachael for a number of board, executive and staff portrait projects including annual reports, flyers, website and even ID badges. We’ve done photo shoots in a variety of settings from vineyards to boardrooms to candids at conferences. She is an absolute delight to work with, very professional and somehow she manages to make all of her subjects look fantastic! I highly recommend her without reservation….

Elizabeth Middleton – Global Public Relations Manager at Treasury Wine Estates