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Treasury Wine Estates Company Photography

Corporate Lifestyle

Businesses big and small utilise a lot of imagery to portray various aspects of their business from the people that work for the company to the products they sell or the services they provide.  While stock photography is an option for getting across a general idea, it’s the personal aspects of business that people relate and respond to.  Corporate Lifestyle photography compliments any annual report, website or promotional material.

Corporate Headshots

Photographing the people from the CEO’s and the Board Members to the executives down to the mail room is essential to portraying the friendly faces that make up a business or practice.  Each company will have different aims for how they want to portray their staff and we work hard to maintain consistency and professionalism when photographing a wide variety of people within a company. Whether the images are used internally or in external publications or on the web, your staff need to look engaging and professional and well photographed.

Corporate Events

During any event there are always a multitude of things going on, and we aim to capture all the elements to ensure your event is well documented.  From keynote speakers to masters of ceremony and the audience, everyone attending an event is important to the overall experience.  Whether big or small we can assemble the most appropriate team to ensure that all the attendee or guests are photographed the way that you like and within the provided image brief.


Commerical Image 2


Products and services need to be seen for their strength elements and photographed to show the customer exactly what their getting or can expect when they engage with a companies product or service.  We aim to highlight both the big and small elements that are important to the experience and give the customer confidence in your company and product.


Industry is a behinds the scenes of large industrial operations and a look into the everyday that makes a business run smoothly and efficiently.  Highlighting key aspects of transport, production, workflow and staff management.




Architecture photography isn’t about just photographing a building, it’s knowing when and how to photograph to bring out design elements and highlight structural aspects.  Detail, composition, lighting, and preparation are the first elements to creating a beautiful image of a building that has taken months or years to complete. Compositing and retouching to make sure all details are visible and vibrant are secondary elements that are just as important to finalising a create image.